2019 Miniature Herefords Sale Barn

Heifer Calves


We have 7-month-old heifer calves for sale.

They were sired by a true 5-ought (00000) bull and 3-ought (000) cows.


Bred Heifers


We have two year old bred heifers.  They are true 4-ought (0000) in size and have been bred to a 5-ought (00000) bull.


Bred Cows


We have 3-ought cows (000) that have been bred to a true 5-ought (00000) bull.


00000 Bull "Gus"


"Gus" (Shenandoah Augustus) is a true 5-ought (00000) bull that stands 36.5 inches at the hip.  He is a beautiful, gentle bull.


Starter Herd


Let us sell you a great starter herd of very small miniature Herefords:  a tiny adult bull, two bred cows, and two bred heifers.


Miniature Donkeys

Mr. Jiggs

SORRY...SOLD 5/15/19

In addition to our miniature Herefords, we have two registered mini-donkeys for sale.  Mr. Jiggs and Mr. Madison.  Mr. Jiggs is 11 years old and stands 34.25" tall.  Mr. Madison is 14 years old and stands 32.5" tall.  They come with a 2 person cart and all harness (Mr. Jiggs is trained to drive).